Daily Dose of Denmark: Lønstrup Nachmittag

Deine tägliche Prise Dänemark: Lønstrup Nachmittag Ein kühler, sonniger Tag an der Küste. Die frische Brise vom Meer verwirbelt die […]

Magenta skies at Blokhus

Daily Dose of Denmark – Magenta skies

Your daily photograph from Denmark: Magenta skies at Blokhus beach Manchmal reicht es, einfach ein wenig länger zu verharren. Dem […]

Red sky behind Løkken - Denmark - sea sign

Daily Dose of Denmark – A Picture a Day

Your daily photograph from Denmark: burning sky at Blokhus beach. If you have ever been to northern Jutland then you […]

Sun setting over rural area with nice clouds

Daily Dose of Denmark: Sunset in Store Vildmose

Your daily photograph from Denmark today: Sun setting in the Store Vildmose. The sun and clouds create a stunning show […]

Morgenstimmung bei Meermond

Vor kurzem durfte ich eine wunderbare Morgenstimmung in Løkken erleben und sie fotografisch festhalten. Die Bilder habe ich Meermond gewidmet […]

Storm “Ingolf” and the coast of Løkken

On the weekend of the 28th/29th of October a heavy storm hit the coast of Denmark. While it was stronger […]

Flying high

Spontaneous art with broken shells. I just wish I had nicer (and cleaner) fingers.

Sankthans aften

Shortly after midsummer, the day with the longest day and the shortest night, the whole of Vendsyssel in northern Denmark […]

Oystercatchers with fledglings

Look what’s running around, looting for insects on the company’s parking lot: A family of oystercatchers. The chicks are definitely […]