Category: Landscape

  • Ryå bridge

    Ryå bridge

    The bridge over the Ryå is a simple and unspectacular piece of concrete over a “river” which as been created to drain the water out of the Store Vildmose, the big wild moor, in Northern Jutland. It is every bit a piece of rationality, almost a commodity. If there wasn’t the soft light of the…

  • The strange hut

    The strange hut

    In the wild moor (Vildmoset) in northern Jutland, there’s a strange hut in the middle of nowhere. On the edge between fields and the wild original moor, where old trees are growing and the ground is boggy. Maybe it once was used as a shelter for animals, or for machines and tools used for farming.…

  • Three with trees

    Three with trees

    Three different pictures with trees from a tour to Dronninglund. The glowing green fresh spring leafes are so amazing. I just can’t get enough from this glow, especially after a long leaf-less winter. An old tree lying in a rape-field. Here in northern Denmark old dead trees are often not removed, but it’s left to…

  • Pouring down

    Pouring down

    It’s April in Denmark’s northern Jutland. And, as anywhere else in central and northern Europe, the weather is changing constantly from sunny, to rainy periods, and even snow is still falling. The clouds often push down hard on the farms in the wild moor, which are covering behind their trees, seeking shelter from the rigour.

  • Sonnenaufgang im Moor

    Sonnenaufgang im Moor

  • Bis zum Horizont

    Bis zum Horizont

    Einfach geradeaus. Immer weiter. Nur nicht anhalten. Nicht zurück blicken. Nicht stehen bleiben.