Daily Dose of Denmark: Lønstrup Nachmittag

Deine tägliche Prise Dänemark: Lønstrup Nachmittag Ein kühler, sonniger Tag an der Küste. Die frische Brise vom Meer verwirbelt die […]

Gestrandetes Boot vor Hou in Dänemark

Daily Dose of Denmark – Gestranded vor Hou

Deine tägliche Prise Dänemark: Gestranded vor Hou.

Daily Dose of Denmark: Monster Cloud at the Beach

Many enjoy looking at the clouds, freeing their fantasy to explore the unexpected. Here’s a monsterous cloud over Rødhus beach. […]

Daily Dose of Denmark: A Sunny Day at the Beach

Covered in the dunes even a sunny day in March can be cozy at the beach of the Jammerbugt, the […]

Daily Dose of Denmark: Snowy Beach

Sand, dunes, the sea and…snow! That’s what Denmark’s west coast is (can be) in January.

Daily Dose of Denmark: Saltum Sunset

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Daily Dose of Denmark: Clouds over Tornby Strand

Once in a while even in Denmark the weather is bad. (Only real Danmark-lovers get the pun!) Here are some […]

An evening at Løkken beach

Løkken beach is always worth a visit. Even more so when the sun goes down, the light gets soft and […]

Steinchen am Strand