Daily Dose of Denmark: Gold, Silver and Blue

Over one and a half hour after sunset the blue hour is at it’s best and shows a final light […]

Daily Dose of Denmark: Løkken Morning Light

Often the weather is changing fast in the north. I went to Løkken to take some pictures with the beautiful […]

Daily Dose of Denmark: Lønstrup Klint

Stormy weather, cliffs and rough sea. Feel the wind in your face and nature in your soul. Enjoy! Find more […]

Storm “Ingolf” and the coast of Løkken

On the weekend of the 28th/29th of October a heavy storm hit the coast of Denmark. While it was stronger […]

An evening at Løkken beach

Løkken beach is always worth a visit. Even more so when the sun goes down, the light gets soft and […]

Strandsteine in Schwarz/Weiß