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  • Wonderful autumn on Læsø

    Wonderful autumn on Læsø

    This is what autumn looks like on the Danish island “Læsø”. It’s a wonderful combination of colours, mood, quietness and atmosphere.

  • Ryå bridge

    Ryå bridge

    The bridge over the Ryå is a simple and unspectacular piece of concrete over a “river” which as been created to drain the water out of the Store Vildmose, the big wild moor, in Northern Jutland. It is every bit a piece of rationality, almost a commodity. If there wasn’t the soft light of the…

  • Gorgeous Autumn in Hammer Bakker

    Gorgeous Autumn in Hammer Bakker

    Recently, on a trip north from Aalborg, I discovered one of these signs indicating sights or beautiful destinations. The sign’s title was “Hammer Bakker”, which roughly translates to “The Hammer Hills”. We knew nothing about that place but it was only 20 minutes away from home. So a few days later my family and I…

  • Moorseen im Herbst

    Moorseen im Herbst

    Herbstlicht und Seen im Moor. Eine unvergleichliche Kombination. Moorseen im Herbst 1 ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 15