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  • Daily Dose of Denmark: Lønstrup Klint

    Daily Dose of Denmark: Lønstrup Klint

    Stormy weather, cliffs and rough sea. Feel the wind in your face and nature in your soul. Enjoy! Find more Denmark at Meermond’s blog ↗ where I’m a co-author. See especially this article about Lønstrup.

  • The high moor in northern Jutland

    The high moor in northern Jutland

    One of the most fascinating places in northern Jutland is the high moor. It’s an old original moor which still has the typical vegetation. To be there and see this vast wilderness is simply breathtaking. The nature is just on it’s way out of winter and the first green leaves and flowers came out. Let…

  • Pouring down

    Pouring down

    It’s April in Denmark’s northern Jutland. And, as anywhere else in central and northern Europe, the weather is changing constantly from sunny, to rainy periods, and even snow is still falling. The clouds often push down hard on the farms in the wild moor, which are covering behind their trees, seeking shelter from the rigour.

  • Fighting the weather at Tolne Skov

    Fighting the weather at Tolne Skov

    Forests are a great place, and I love being there. Although it was pouring down today, and even started to snow and hail lightly, we had a great walk in the moody “Tolne Skov” in northern Jutland. This forest is not one of the common spruce-plantations, but has many old and moss-covered beech-trees and other…

  • Hagebutten – hips

    Hagebutten – hips

    Tornby, Sommer 2010. Die Kartoffelrosen sind zum Teil schon verblüht, und ihre dicken knallroten Hagebutten leuchten aus dem satten Grün ihrer derben Blätter. Diese Rose wächst dort in ausufernden, bis zu 2 Meter hohen Gebüschen und Hecken, und verleiht mit ihren Farbtupfern der Landschaft eine besondere Note. Some of the beach-roses have already withered, and…

  • Plum blossom

    Plum blossom

    With flowery regards from the last spring

  • Steinchen