Fighting the weather at Tolne Skov

Forests are a great place, and I love being there. Although it was pouring down today, and even started to snow and hail lightly, we had a great walk in the moody “Tolne Skov” in northern Jutland. This forest is not one of the common spruce-plantations, but has many old and moss-covered beech-trees and other broad-leafed trees, with a number of fallen-down trees in different stages of decay. The changing and uncomfortable weather added to the mood of this place, and made it a unique experience.

Working on these pictures showed me again that it’s still tough for me to capture my emotions, reacting quickly on the changing light and perspectives, while following my kids and looking out for their adventurous steps. Also I’ll take more attention to cleaning the lens from raindrops more frequently. :o)

This forest and the name-giving village of Tolne has a lot more to discover and experience, and I’m looking forward to returning here, and collect more impressions for some more articles.



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